If you’re interested in furthering your knowledge about ethical and sustainable fashion and conscious living, here is a list of resources that have inspired me. 


good on you.png

Good on You is an app that provides a brand directory, rating brands on people (the impact a brand has on their employees), planet (a brand's impact on our environment), and animals (their use of animal resources). It is free to use and available in the App Store and Google Play. 


the true cost.png
poverty inc.png

The True Cost is a documentary that focuses on the consequences of fast fashion, both socially and environmentally. 

Poverty, Inc is a documentary that discusses the effects of foreign aid on local communities.


the patriot act.png

On the third episode of Volume 5 on The Patriot Act (a Netflix series), Hasan Minhaj discusses the "ugly truth of fast fashion," specifically focusing on the environmental consequences. 

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